ATI RADEON X300 Display Drivers for Windows 7 – How To

I’ve searched the web quite a while before I could find something working. Several hours later, I came up with a solution for my Dell Inspiron 1501 antiquity unhappy graphics.

First off, if you’re looking for Windows XP drivers, they’re very easy to find anywhere, like here for instance. But if you want to come up with something for Windows 7, you’ll have to work harder than that, since it is widely reported that these drivers were never updated passed XP’s version.

If you dig deep enough though, you’ll find the Lenovo Vista 32/64 drivers. While they won’t install by themselves (at least they didn’t on my system – well, they sort of did, but not really), they do include an INF file that’s workable.

To get it working, install the file manually through the Device Manager. For that purpose, you’ll have to locate it – it self extracts in c:\DRIVERS. Search & find the CL_43671.inf in the LH_INF folder it lives deeply in, and make it your new driver for your graphics adapter. It might also work for some other products, namely ATI MOBILITY FIREGL V3200, ATI MOBILITY RADEON X600, and ATI RADEON XPRESS 200M.

It did work on my system, enabling the use of a much soothing 1280×800 resolution. However, there is one file I had to kill upon reboot that was hitting hard on my CPU while having my mouse cursor dancing francticly (can’t recall the name, besides it having “ATI” and “2” in it… maybe). Stability isn’t tested yet, but will post any updates here.

If anybody ever find this post, good luck…


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